E-Center Women, Orphans, and Widows Program (WOW)

WOW is a Wholesome Nutritious Meals program that helps underprivileged cancer patients, orphans and widows eat well and stay healthy. Your donation to cancer patients will help them regain health during their cancer journey. Good nutrition is critical for people undergoing cancer treatment. Wholesome meals during the treatment help maintain body weight, improve strength and energy, decreases the risk of infection, and help the body in healing and recovery. E-center is the best cancer organization to donate to, and Cancer patients will be provided with a wholesome meal.

What is Lending a helping hand to underprivileged cancer patients for initial diagnosis and treatment Fund?

Many poor patients reach a cancer hospital, but because they have no money to travel long distances for further testing and follow-up treatment , and additional out of pocket expenses towards accommodation and other living expenses for the duration of the treatment , return home. They come back when the cancer is in an advanced stage, the treatment is difficult, and the chances of survival are not good. Your donation supports such patients for their travelling costs and their first emergency treatment without any loss of time, giving them the best opportunity for recovery from cancer.

Help save precious lives

The cost of cancer care is a huge concern to everyone, especially the underprivileged, when they revive this frightening diagnosis. Loss of income, bills and debt can add up quickly causing enormous financial and emotional strain on the patient and family. Many are not able to afford treatment costs and therefore do not survive the disease. The E-center Cancer Care Fund & your decision to donate provides financial aid to patients who fall below the poverty line . The program has transformed the lives of cancer patients, many of whom have completed their treatment and returned to a productive life once again .

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