About Us

E-Center is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to increasing public awareness of cancer, management and its causes, as well as providing support to those affected by the disease. 

Our services are accessible everyone in South Africa, in our make up, we have diverse representation from healthcare professionals, centres that provide care and support to patients, experts and advocates.

We are building healthy communities through education with complete physical, mental and social well-beings.

The organization is highly active to help raise awareness about the disease and to help patients in underprivileged communities with financial and other resources in order to access quality healthcare in their communities.


The E-center for Women’s Cancer Management & Maternal Health is a nonprofit organization that promotes healthy communities by promoting early diagnosis, mobilizing services and resources for women living with cancer and disabilities, and advocating for and providing care for them.


To create advocacy for Cancer Awareness by providing access to high-quality support so that cancer patients can better themselves and others in their communities.

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